Monday, July 30, 2012


So today was not a totally successful day. I started out wonderful- had all 4 of my bottles of water in by 4:00 this afternoon (the very minimum that I strive for a day). I ate a few protein bites for breakfast because it was grab and go. Not the best choice, but I simply did not plan enough time this morning. The older boys started morning football practices, so it is no longer me getting up and out the door. Protein bites it was.
Took my carrots for snack and made it through the morning at work fine. I never once went back to the kitchen- it was safer that way in case there might have been bad food back there! I only worked until noon, and was starving when I got home. I had the last leftover piece of fish from the other night and a big salad. It's all good at this point. Then I started hitting the protein bites throughout the afternoon. Not good. I really love those little balls of oats and peanut butter and shaved chocolate! But I think it set me up for a binge.
I had to get to the store to get sandwich fixings for the boys for lunches, and I also dropped them off at the local county fair on my way to the store. I had already made chicken burgers from the chicken breasts I ground up yesterday, and I made regular burgers for the guys, but I didn't get any sides done yet. I decided to run through McDonalds and grab some cheap fries for with the burgers. And I had a huge craving for the new chocolate chip frappe that I had discovered right before I decided to eat clean. I got one. And it was good.
Then onto the store where I got everything I needed. I knew better than to walk to the back corner. The bakery is back there. The liquor room is also back there, and it is a wonderful place, but that is of no importance to this story. I knew I should have stayed away from the bakery. I can not resist the donuts in this store! I can pass them up in almost every other place I have every shopped, but not here. I can't explain it. I walked back there and this box of donuts was in my cart before I knew it! I had reverted back to the 'old me'. I was thinking that I could eat one on the way home, hide the rest while the boys were gone. I could eat one more for dessert, and maybe sneak one in the morning before I got them up....

That is how I roll when it comes to my sugar addiction.
I checked out and got out to the car with my groceries and saw my frappe cup sitting there. Immediate guilt. I knew that I could not mess up twice. I put the bags in the back and drove home. When I got in the house, I was pretty much over the desire to binge on the donuts and gave them to my husband just to get them away from me. Not that HE needed them either, but I was only thinking of myself at that point.
Disaster avoided.
The frappe was a FAIL, but not the donuts. Not today.
Made more Paleo mayo. First batch....FAIL. Second batch made it. I used 2 tbsp of lemon juice this time instead of 1 lemon juice and 1 cider vinegar. Did not like it as much with all lemon. It wasn't cold yet, so maybe the taste will change.
Made my lunch for tomorrow. It will be an even earlier morning, and I promised the boys I would drive thru Dunkin and get them a coffee and a sandwich in the morning because I have to drop them off way early for practice. I am fully aware that I am using Dunkin as a coverup for the fact that I am going to leave them at the locker room at least 30- 45 minutes before anyone else will show up. That is just how my schedule is going to work tomorrow. A bit of a FAIL, but that technically doesn't count until tomorrow.
I used a yellow squash, my mandolin, and the larger julienne blade. 
 I only shave down until I start seeing the seeds. The rest of the squash either gets cooked or taken up for the chickens. These shreds get cooked with some water and I use them in place of pasta. I over cooked these a little, so they will not resemble spaghetti noodles. They will just be squash. FAIL.
I put them in a dish with one of my chicken burgers and that will be my lunch. I also packed some strawberries and plums, a bag of carrots for snack, and a sweet potato brownie that I made the other day.
The flourless zucchini brownies I made last week were delicious. These sweet potato ones....not so much. FAIL.
I am trying to choke my way through them (no one else here will touch them!). I hate to waste them, so I have been trying to think of a way to make them taste better- besides smothering them in chocolate and serving them with a can of whipped cream.
I decided to go ahead and use up a few of the bananas that I had tossed in the freezer to save them from rotting. Turns out that about 5-6 frozen bananas, 2 sweet potato brownies, about 2 Tablespoons of Natural Peanut Butter, and a splash of almond milk (to get it mixing smooth) all thrown in the food processor, can make a pretty mean ice cream type substance!
Finally success!
And tomorrow is another day.

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