Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm a Pinterest CopyCat!

Twice in one week! How about this??
So I have been trying to get myself on the treadmill. Why am I so lazy? I was off today, so I was really looking forward to getting in at least 3 miles today. Well, I was up at 6am, got the kids off to school, and I started cleaning. I cleaned the shower, the toilet, mopped that floor, did the dishes from last night = /, swept all 5 rooms downstairs, cleaned the wood floors, washed a few windows, did some light scrubbing on the living room furniture, picked up and put away lots of odds and ends left around by everyone, and I can't remember what else.
I cleaned (and danced to Pandora!) from 6:30am or so, until about 1:30 when I sat down for lunch. When I was done with lunch, I was planning on getting on the treadmill, and my lower back was crying! I did get on for a bit, but it was NOT the workout that I wanted to have. My back is STILL not right this evening. I really think I would benefit from seeing the chiropractor. I probably should have way back when I started with the hip issues, but I know they didn't take my insurance. We now have different coverage, so it can't hurt to check that out. 
So anyway, I have not been as consistent on the 1 mile a day thing. Yesterday I worked 11 hours, and was dead beat tired when I got home. I ate dinner and fell asleep. I suck.
Ah well, life goes on. All I can do is make it a point to do better tomorrow.
In my post the other day, I had said that I was planning on doing some Pinterest projects. I am a very creative person, and I have been ignoring that part of myself lately. I used to make stuff ALL THE TIME. Then I went back to school, then I got a real job, then I got busier and busier with the kids. I have decided that I deserve to do things to make me happy, and that being creative does that for me. 
Now let me tell ya, I am NOT the creative kind of person that comes up with fab ideas all on my own. I am more of the type who can look at anything and think, ' I can make that.' And I do. I am also the type of person who will do it as cheap as possible! I am a thrifter and a junker! I'm sorry, but I will NOT pay $60 for a sweater, when I can find one similar at the thrift for $4. And name brand, too! So that is going to be what some of my Pinterest CopyCat projects will be. I love checking out blogs where girls do copy outfits from Pinterest or magazines, but it's not helping me out if they are paying $235 for a purse or $100 for a pair of jeans! I'm a real person with real expenses!
I'm all about planning for the holidays, so my first project is a wreath for my door. I fell in LOVE with the one from Pinterest and knew right away that I HAD to have it! 
Here is the comparison!!

 Clearly, a photographer, I am not.

I even used a spotlight on it and everything! I need to do some photo taking research if I'm going to be doing some projects like this!
I stopped off at Michael's and picked up the supplies to do most of this. I did the whole thing for around $17.00!
Here is the breakdown:
24" wreath......$5.49
2 rolls of wired ribbon.....$5.58
9" wooden-type letter.....$3.99
7 red glass bulb ornaments.....$1.25 (thrift store!)
1 can red spray paint.....already had!

I would have done it a little cheaper if I would have had a coupon to use on the wood letter. Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics often put up printable coupons. Lots of times, you can get 40% off one full priced item. I could have knocked $2.50 off the letter because it was the only thing that wasn't on sale. Hey, $2.50 is $2.50. That's an extra-large Dunkin coffee!
I had the red spray paint, but it is usually around $3 a can or less. I also had the green floral wire that I used to put everything on the wreath. It's cheap also!
Best part is, I have more than enough ribbon to make another bow and have more ornaments, so all I would need to buy to make another one for a gift would be the wreath and the letter!
 I absolutely LOVE it! I already hung it on my door even though I don't have any other decorations up yet!

I have one more pic for you. This is an older pic from my phone, but this is what I will be doing tomorrow!

Fruit and a cut up chicken burger. Easy to eat on the go!

 I am done at noon-ish at work, and I need to have something healthy to eat after, so I can hit another thrift store that I heard about in that area. Taco Bell is across the street from my office, but I have to quit going there! I will tell you why at another time. It is my true 'fat person moment', and it was an eye opening moment. Embarrassment at it's finest.

Not sure if I have shared the recipe for my chicken burgers yet, so I will check on that. My MIL made up this recipe, and I make up a TON and freeze them so they are handy for on the go! Recipe to come soon....I am running low on them, so I will be making more!

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