Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Days In...

Five days into the month and I am still workin it! Had to go to a family reunion this morning. Family reunions = FOOD. Let's just say that I have had 3 too many cheat meals this past week :-/ Got to get back to being serious about eating clean!
I had eggs with spinach and tomato this morning again. Was supposed to go grocery shopping, but I only got one store done instead of the 3 that I needed to go to. I will have to finish tomorrow. I really didn't eat as many meals today as I should have. I think the splurge at lunch was too much and I just was not hungry most of the day.
I did get out to do some walking/running at the trail. I took this picture of the covered bridge that is across the road from the parking lot. It is so beautiful.
You have to walk up the road from the parking lot to get to the bike trail and this runs along side of the road. I always walk through here on my way up to the trail and on the way back down.
I went out intending to do 2 miles and get back home, but I decided to get 3 in since I was there. At least I'm tacking on extra instead of leaving with less. 

My total for the month of August is now....

 85 more miles to go!
The guys here had some leftover yellowfin tuna and wahoo from our cookout last night. The fact that there was leftovers is a miracle in itself! I really didn't eat dinner. Not so good. But I still was not hungry! I had just gotten done making another batch of the Paleo Mayo (love!) and seriously was thinking that I should open a can of tuna and make some tuna salad real quick. 
I would have been PISSED if I had opened a can of tuna and THEN turned around and saw the FRESH CAUGHT YELLOWFIN TUNA sitting on the stove!
Some days I swear my brain does not fire on all cylinders.
I used both tuna and the wahoo and topped a fresh picked tomato with some of it. 
It has been getting easier and easier to throw together clean meals and snacks without much thought. Which is a good thing, because I can't stand when I have to put too much thought into food. I don't really love to cook, but I have a family and I have to do it. It is sometimes a challenge to have to cook one thing for myself, and then other things for them, but I'm trying my best to either incorporate my healthy dishes in to their meals or I will do what I can to alter what I am making them to make it much more clean for me. 
What saved me this week was that I had ground up a whole tray of chicken breasts and made chicken burgers out of that. I ended up with 15 or 16 burgers! After we had them for dinner that night, I still had 8 left, so I threw them in the freezer. If I couldn't figure out what to make myself for dinner, I would pull out a baggie of chicken burgers (2 in each bag). Those were easy enough to thaw out and take for lunch or eat for dinner, and I have used them all. I guess that is a good thing about eating clean and making batches of stuff- once I find something I like, I can literally eat it over and over again without getting tired of it. At least for awhile. Once I DO get tired of something, I probably won't eat it for months afterward!

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