Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have done it! 
101 miles in the month of August!

I went out yesterday with the hopes that after running 6 miles on Tuesday, I would be able to at least run 4. My knee area muscles were better, but my quads were still a little angry with me :)
Again, when I started out, I was feeling a little rusty, and had to talk myself into continuing no matter how I felt. Once I got past the first mile to mile and a half, I settled in and just kept running! I ended up running 7  yesterday! I was so proud of myself and I really understood that my first 6 miles on Tuesday were not some kind of fluke!
I had 7 left to do today and was really feeling it this morning. I walked a half first, to see what shape my legs were in, and then started running, I ended up running 7 again and then walked the last 1/2. Today was definitely a struggle. I REALLY should have taken a day off instead of doing 3 days of distance in a row that I am not used to doing, but tomorrow is the last day of the month and I have work in the morning and my sons football game in the evening. I was not sure I would be able to get any miles in, so today it had to be!
Tomorrow is rest day for sure. I will try to get out Saturday again to start my new month!
I have only lost 4 pounds this entire month- even with ALL of that exercise I was doing! 2 of those pounds just recently came off. It has been discouraging, to say the least, but I stuck with it. I knew I was building muscle, but it didn't help to not see the scale move. In the last week, I have been noticing changes in my legs. I have always had thunder thighs (even when I was younger, my thighs were a bit bigger/muscular). As of late, my thighs have been less muscle, more jiggle. I'm sure it's not apparent to most, but I can see more muscle definition in my thighs and calves now. Even if the scale is not moving, I still will be!
I started using myfitnesspal also, 2 weeks ago. I have realized that in my attempts to eat mostly clean, and burning up so many calories with my miles, I was undercutting my daily calories by a TON. I'm pretty sure (and really hoping) that is the reason I have not lost much yet. It's still trial and error at this point, but I'll work it all out.
Anyway, back to my major accomplishment :-D
As I sit here ( with a bag of frozen corn on one knee and a bag of frozen green beans on the other) I have realized a few things. 1.) We will be having green beans and corn for the next 2 days.  2.) I had pretty much skipped most of the c25k program and went straight to 10k!  3.) I have no doubts that I will be able to accomplish any distance that I set my mind to now! I am now totally obsessed with trying to see how far I can really push myself now! Once I got going today, I had to literally talk myself out of trying to run 8 today. My legs desperately need a recovery day! I really would have preferred to skip today to rest them and finish tomorrow, but I didn't want to chance not making my deadline.
No matter now. I have accomplished this goal and now I'm on to deciding next month's goals!
For now, this is where I will be!

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