Saturday, August 18, 2012

So far...

So I have been trucking along with my miles this month. I have been walking a lot more than I expected, but I have been putting a lot more miles on this body than it has previously experienced. I have kind of been going through the C25K program- sometimes repeating the program to keep steady run/walk intervals. I have 13 days left and so far I have done

48 miles!!

I started this post this morning, and my mood was TOTALLY different then! I had skipped a few days in the beginning- I just figured that I would make it up another day. My sisters came to visit last weekend, and I did not get many miles in then. I was sitting at 42 miles this morning, and for the first time, I was feeling like I might actually not make this goal. The truth is, I have a family. I am doing what I can to make sure I am getting a little bit of time to myself every day, but it is HARD on some days. The other night, after work, throwing dinner together, taxi-ing kids, I only had about an hour and a half before it was going to get dark. I laced up the shoes and got down to the trail as fast as I could. 
Now, let me tell you, this trail may look like this in the daytime....

at night, it's a whole different place! A bit creepy because it gets dark much faster under the trees than it does out in the open! 
Of course the trail was deserted by then (it is out in the middle of  'B.F.E.' anyway), but I only felt comfortable doing 2 miles. I have this thing about getting too far away from where my car is parked- just in case. In case of what?.....I have no idea.
I do know that I went out yesterday with full intentions of doing 6 miles, but I only got 5 in. I know I am putting a bit of a strain on my body with all of these miles, and I am feeling like I may have strained a muscle in the front of my thigh or hip. Somewhere in there, after about 3 miles, it starts to ache. Enough that I occasionally feel a twinge of pain for a step, and then back to an ache again. When I start feeling it, it kind of scares me into thinking that I might not make it back to the car (truthfully, I know I will), or what if I really hurt myself by pushing it, so I had better quit as soon as I can for the day. It causes me to feel a little discouraged. So then I start doing the math: If I have 'X' amount of days left, and I still have to walk 'X' amount of miles, then I have to walk 'X' amount of miles every day and that is NOT skipping any days from now until the much worrying.
Today, I was bound and determined that I was going to do 6. I HAD to even though yesterday was not good. I was actually worrying about it, so popped a few Advil about 30 minutes before I left for the trail. 
Genius. Seriously.
I. Felt. Fantastic.Today.
So fantastic, in fact, that I actually decided that since I have never been past the 3 mile marker yet (I start around the 5 and usually head down to the mile mark and then back past and up to the 6 if I want 6 miles). I mentioned to my husband that I didn't even know where the trail started, and he said, 'Cockroach-ville'. He was kind of right. Past the 3 mile, the trail joins with the road for about 1/2 mile. And it is 1/2 mile through people sitting on their porches of their trailers gawking at the bike riders and walkers, dogs chained to boxes in the yards barking at you, an old man in a motorized wheelchair riding a toddler in circles in the driveway, rusted out cars and trucks jacked up on cement blocks, and even a few guys taking a sledgehammer to a wrecked up demolition derby car- pounding the piss out of it! I was slightly more creeped out in the daylight there, than I was on the almost dark trail the other night!
Seriously, I was waiting to hear the banjo music start....
I finally got past all that, and on to where the trail separated from the road and back to the woods again, when I came up to the 2 mile marker. Really? I am 3 miles away from my car, just made it past what I assume my husband meant by 'Cockroach-ville' (cause if that was not, I shudder to think of what it is really like!), and I have to turn around and walk back through all that? Well I did, but I can safely say that I may NEVER make it all the way down to the beginning of that end of the trail. lol  I'll stick to turning around at the 3 mile marker!
I love my country trail with scenery like this....

and even this....

I feel much safer out here than I did there!
So anyway, this morning, I was discouraged that I only had 14 days left and I only had 42 miles in, and yesterday's 5 was weak and somewhat painful. My outlook was bleak this morning as I was wondering if I will make it more than 3 miles today and I felt so far behind already.
Getting this good 6 in today totally changed my outlook. I have made it THIS FAR! I have made it 48 freaking miles! No way in Hell am I going to not finish and reach my goal! I did the math- again. I have 13 days left and 52 miles, so I will finish on time if I do 4 miles a day. Add a few more 6 mile days in there, and I should not have any problem!
Life it good on the trail!

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